Research activities


September 2023: Centrifuge test SW_01

Description: Preliminary centrifuge test consisting on the application of lateral loading on top of a suction anchor and one pullout test. Anchors installed in reconstituted soft clay (Speswhite kaolin)

Outcomes: definition of the model geometry in terms of the soft clay thickness profile and definition of the model preparation methodology for the following tests.

Consolidation of clay inside a circular container: diameter = 895 mm height 700 mm
A view of the suction anchors installed in soft clay
Model anchors: diameter = 60 mm length 200 mm
Model installation in the centrifuge

Application of photogrammetry to obtain a digital version of the model after the loading tests. With this method there is the possibility to explore the deformed shape of the ground surface-anchor regiion. In addition, the digital model mesh allows to obtain additional data as transverse profiles and digital elevation models to identify rupture surfaces.

Model generation in Reality Capture  - Model stored and shared in Sketchfab