Shared anchors for floating wind turbines

Project Objectives

ShareWind  aims to provide design guidelines and evaluate the loading capacity of shared anchors installed in clayey seabed profiles.


ShareWind consists on:

(i) developing physical models of shared anchors to be tested at theUniv.Eiffel (France) geotechnical centrifuge.


(ii) performing numerical simulations and parametric studies to provide design guidelines and failure envelopes of anchors subjected to multidirectional cyclic loading.


The results of ShareWind will be integrated in design frameworks to predict the loading capacity and displacements of shared anchors with impacts in their long-term performance and in the optimization of costs of floating wind farms.

 Project Structure

Working Package 1

Literature review to define load sequence, anchors geometry, clay strength profile, type of model container, limitations.

Working Package 2

Development of the detailed experimental setup, a preliminary test on September 2023.

Secondment at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

Working Package 3

Preliminary numerical simulations in PLAXIS, evaluation of numerical modelling approaches, bring experience to refine experiments from WP2.

Working Package 4

parametric studies, load-displacement relationships, interaction diagrams.

Secondment at Southampton University